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Friday, March 16, 2007

Teenage hardcore

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When I arrived I was met by a very horny girl. She immediately took me to the room she had reserved and we engaged in everything except intercourse. She wanted to save that until after the formal! Not one to look deny the wishes of a horny girl, I went along with it although my cock was making a tent in my suit pants the remainder of the evening.

Meredith was just about to ask if she wanted to try on the other pair when the woman slowly spread her legs wider, and then as she stared at the huge gash, the woman began flexing her cunt muscles which made her lips open and close ever so slightly as they became drenched with her hot pussy juice!

God, how I long for your touch. Oh babe, I have to touch them, feel them growing in my hands. Ohhhhh God! My nipples are so hard, so hot to the touch. Pulling on them I can almost feel your breath on me, as you suck them gently into your mouth. Your mouth is so hot, yet your tongue is so soft as it softly flicks over each nipple.

Teenage hardcore 2007.

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